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In Action

Waller Boys and Girls Club

Lily Bryant sees teaching as not only a career but also a lifelong passion that can be harnessed to make a meaningful difference.

Lily has worked with and choreographed for the Waller Boys and Girls club for the duration of her two years there. The members there are a joy and learn the material quickly. 

Here, Lily has a hands on experience with the members of the Waller Wolves Cheer team, teaching the material for the half time routine.

The Works


Lily Bryant is an emerging artist, getting her feet wet within the world of choreography.

Lily is unafraid and unapologetic in her ideas and efforts on new choreography.

As she dives into the start of career, she is eager to showcase her talent and never-ending ideas.


Valdosta State University and more

Lily's performance history is extensive, dating back to her youth where she performed with Alvin Ailey Youth Group Atlanta and other ensembles of the liking. She's spent her more recent years performing with the Valdosta State University Repertory Dancers in annual concerts. 

 As a professional performer, Lily Bryant has garnered many years of experience, and has grown during her time at VSU. It was at Valdosta State University that Lily gained confidence as a performer and embraced who she was as an artist.

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